Things to do near Canadian Military Heritage Museum

The Canadian heritage museum is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Canada. It attracts many tourists every year. However, there are many places around the museum that can be visited. Here are a top few places you should visit.

  • Brantford Arts block– For any art lover this is the place to visit as it takes realistic initiatives to encourage the creation of art. It makes people leap at the creativity and artistic wonder of the place. It’s an organisation that motivates the creation of art. It is open for anyone. From tourists to people of the local community are welcome her.
  • Tutela Park– This is a beautiful park which has a lot of open space for children to play around and have fun. It has recently been remodelled to become a well-equipped playground. It has the popular outdoor ice rinks as well. It is nearby the roads and thus you need to look out for the children however it is a very peaceful place to just sit down and relax.

  • Wayne Gretzsky sports centre- This the place for any sports enthusiast. There are many things that you can do here as there are many facilities for swimming, sauna, water pool slide. There is even a fitness centre and training room. So, if you are fitness freak and missing out on the fitness during your vacation this is the place you will want to go to.
  • Glenhyrst Gardens- Like any other garden the Glenhyrst garden too is quiet the place for a relaxed time amid nature and scenery. After visiting the museum, you can drop into this garden and have a relaxed time on the grass and maybe even nap away as it doesn’t have too much population gathering there.
  • Brantford Symphony Orchestra– This is a must visit for anyone who is a music lover, heritage admirer or just wants to experience history. They are known for providing the audience with a great orchestra performance. It is a dedicated group of several musicians providing great music for years now.

  • Grace Anglican Church– It is the country’s oldest church. There are services throughout the day. It has recently started a new congregation which allows people to attend church wearing jeans and carrying their coffee. It is a place you will definitely want to visit. The architecture, paintings and the delicate carvings are a sight for the devoted.
  • Personal Computer museum– It is built upon an old opera house. It prides the possession of technology that has evolved over the ages. You can find computers that were used back in the late 1930s. The original software, the early models and varied magazines that explain the evolution of computers can also be found.