Best Places To Visit In Canada

Planning a trip to Canada? Here are a few places you must visit. These places mark Canada’s greatness and tourism. You have to visit these places to be able to understand the country’s beauty, rich culture and vastness. So, put these places on your list and don’t forget to visit them and unravel its beauty.

  • Niagara Falls– Known to be one of the greatest and the largest waterfalls in the world. The Niagara Falls is a must visit for all. It is known to be a magical sight for all those who visit it and it is a number of spellbinding waterfalls that come together.
  • Whistler– It has the largest ski resorts in North America. It is an apt place for winters. It is on the list for best winter destinations. There are many thrilling winter sports that you can indulge in like skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing. It is a captivating snow land. Many come here to do snowmobiling.
  • Quebec City– It is one of the most renowned old cities in north America. It is known for its heritage and archaic beauty. If you want to experience magical romance and all things beautiful this the place you should visit. If you are visiting this place with a romantic partner.

  • St John’s– This city is one of the refreshing and rejuvenating cities in North America. Though this is also an old city which has houses beautifully coloured. It is also considered a mini San Francisco. It is a pleasant city to just walk through on a regular day. It gives you the feels of walking through a town.
  • Tofino– This place is for the tourists who are beach lovers. There are cosy beach facing hotel rooms you can book and stay in. You can spend a relaxed or fun day at the beach and binge on fish tacos (a special delicacy). You will also find the Pacific Rim National Park reserve here. You can indulge in kayaking and also go camping with friends and family.

  • Churchill town– This is a small town that has nothing to do with the former president of united states. It is one of the coldest places in North America with temperature falling below 5 degrees Celsius and is also the spot for travellers who want a close encounter with wildlife. It is considered the polar bear capital of the world as well. There is also the fort Prince wales which you can explore. If you are interested in snorkelling you can do that as well. With whales.